Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Visitors from abroad

A few months back I received word from someone I knew through Flickr as Myrmician. He resides in Perth, doing postgrad in something related to ants and spiders, very much into macro photography and travels in adventure style. He said he will be coming to Malaysia and asked if I can suggest some nice places to shoot macro.

At first I planned for a trip to Ulu Dong where we can camp for a night deep in the forest. Alas some family matters came up and I had to cancel that. So I suggested him to check out Fraser's Hill and Taman Negara Endau-Rompin, which he did. At the end of his stay in KL we had the chance to meet up. Apparently he was travelling with 2 friends- Jason, also from Perth, and Art who is a zoologist in USA (he told me he's actually from some Central Asian country, if I'm not mistaken).

Jason, Art and Farhan.

We spent some time talking about nature, macro and conservation. I know Art has been travelling around the world since he has one of the best job ever. From him I came to know that there are no leeches in the Amazon but becareful of the fly whose larvae would dig into human skin. There are over 7,000 photos in his flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/artour_a

I don't know much about Jason other than he is crazy about grapefruit. You can see his works here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/giiviak

Myrmician, or his real name Farhan, is a very capable macro photographer as well. I can write just about everything here but his photos will do the talking better: http://www.flickr.com/photos/myrmician

Years ago it would be very difficult for people with similar interest to connect but with so many social networking platforms today, most of the barriers have been broken. The four of us share a common interest and although we are a world apart, we manage to share our thoughts and knowledge. I was very pleased to welcome them to Malaysia and hopefully in their next visit I can spend more quality time to share knowledge and experience on the field.


  1. It was quite a sad case that I was not exposed to the world of macro photography when I was in perth, though my compact camera back then (when it was still alive) could do some quite decent close up shots.
    I did however shoot a black widow spider, but was too chicken to get too close. Yes, I do have spider-phobia. It is funny how macro photography (and you play largely in this role) has changed my perception, and rid of my fear.

  2. One of the links on the right pane of this page is to the website of Stephen Dalton, a professional photographer who takes breathtaking animal photos. His interest in taking spider photography is akin to yours, as he sufered from arachnophobia during his younger years.

  3. sorry I cant get to your email so I am posting a query here and hope you can help.
    There is an email going around which tells us that there is a very poisonous spider ( a new species?).Its breeding very quickly and looks like a huntsman. Is this a scam?

  4. My email is amir.ridhwan@gmail.com

    It is likely a hoax. Does it look like this? http://www.hoax-slayer.com/brown-recluse.html